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Case Study - Patient Insight

Dr Anil Wijetunge was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2005 and was seen by a healer on the hospital ward twice a week for 30 minutes, sometimes more when he was experiencing a great deal of pain. Anil offers this patient insight:

'When I was diagnosed with leukaemia in May 2005 my world was turned upside down. I had worked as a hospital doctor for 17 years in most of the medical specialities, including cancer. I knew from the early signs that the disease was very advanced and I was in a poor risk group where the chances of survival were only approxinately 35%. I had to face - and come to terms with - the possibility of death, and accept whatever treatment and consequences arose.

'I experienced the most appalling pain in my back and throughout my body, especially in the muscles. There were infusions of very powerful drugs to keep my circulation and heart going, and it was a very difficult time being in an isolation room, onth after month. I started my first healing sessions having known absolutely nothing about the therapy before; even when I had worked with cancer patients myself. I closed my eyes as the healer placed his hands over specific areas of the body, starting at the head and making gentle contact. I was immediately struck by how hot his hands were; they radiated heat. The healer slowly changed the position of his hands to cover and pause over different parts of the head and face, then the trunk, arms and legs, down to the soles of the feet. Gradually my mind calmed and became less tense. I felt someone was helping to fill the massive gap in modern medical care where holistic care should be.

'The healing sessions I experienced allowed me to fully relax, close my eyes and let my mind drift, out of the isolation room to a calm, quiet place that made me feel as if I was walking through a beautiful sunny garden where I was reassured and spiritually nourished.

'By the end of each session I was physically more comfortable and emotionally relaxed and stronger. As a hospital doctor I would never have realised how healing could benefit a patient. As healing defies detailed analysis of its mechanism of action in conventional medical and scientific terms, it is too easily dismissed by most physicians. My experiences as a leukaemia patient have shown me how important it is to provide holistic care that supports a person emotionally, mentally or spiritually. This is virtually absent in medical care today and I believe all sick people are suffering to some extent because of its absence. Healing provided an important part of that missing element of care and it helped me face up to and survive the physical and mental challenges.'

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